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            European bag related bag-making requirements: The weld strength on both sides of the European bag is usually required to reach 15-20N to better withstand the instantaneous tension of the bag plate. The incision at the edge of the European bag is also used to relieve some of the tension of the bag plate to prevent the bag from tearing through the weld of the bag.

            Corona treatment: In the printing and composite, in order to ensure good ink adhesion and composite strength, the film needs to be corona treatment. However, corona treatment will affect the heat sealing property of the bag, which will increase the heat sealing temperature and reduce the heat sealing strength. Therefore, it is necessary to control the corona strength to balance the printing demand and heat sealing, gravure corona strength is generally 37, flexo printing is 40. Of course, PE composite film is the best solution, printed on the composite sandwich, the bag will not fade and the sealing welding is firm.

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            Coefficient of friction inside the bag: The coefficient of friction inside the diaper bag is required to be less than 0.35. Metallocene PE with excellent low-temperature sealing performance is often found in high-speed film production line, and the welding effect is good, but the bag is easy to sticky, and the proportion of metallocene needs to be adjusted according to the temperature during film making. In addition, the finished bag should be used as soon as possible to avoid high temperature and humidity storage.

            In summary, the thickness of the bag, friction coefficient in the bag, electrostatic phenomenon and corona strength have a significant impact on the operating efficiency and equipment performance of the automatic packaging of baby diapers. In order to ensure a greater benefit from the efficiency and functional advantages of automatic packaging machinery, it is important to select the appropriate process and intervene in the bag-making process.

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