Chinese bag and European bag


Chinese bag and European bag:

                When the Chinese bag is automatically packaged, it sometimes fails to open the bag because the bag is sticky or static electricity is large, resulting in the product being unable to push the bag and causing the packaging machine to fail. In this case, the bag factory should be required to carry out anti-static treatment and prevent the bag from sticking and affecting the opening of the bag by adding a smoothing agent.

            European bags are used by more and more diaper pullers because of various advantages. Because of the 3-4 cm tongue, the bag is easier to open than the Chinese bag; Will not produce Chinese roll bag when the roll change lap waste bag; The production process is simpler than the Chinese bag, and the total bag cost is roughly the same as the Chinese bag, or even lower. For the diaper high-speed bagging machine of more than 65 bags/minute, European hanging bags are currently used.

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            The coefficient of friction inside the pouch should be less than 0.35. Metallocene PE with excellent low-temperature sealing performance is often found in high-speed film production line, and the welding effect is good, but the bag is easy to sticky, and the proportion of metallocene needs to be adjusted according to the temperature during film making. In addition, the finished bag should be used as soon as possible to avoid high temperature and humidity storage.

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            Packing Leader's packaging machine, no matter the type of Chinese bags or European bags, no matter how many silk bags, can be perfect packaging, come to contact us.

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