Packing Leader strives to provide satisfactory solutions for diaper manufacturers of various categories and specifications


           Automatic stacking and packing machine for adult pull-up pants. Compression systems for large packages that can handle single or double rows of products. Servo-driven linear thrusters reduce mechanical wear and ensure stable operation. The transmission system is reliable and simple. The maximum feed speed is 350 pieces/min and the packaging speed is 30 bags/min.

Fully integrated counting, stacking and packing machines ensure maximum process control and operability.

➤ Packaging machine presets ensure a smooth and easy installation and commissioning process.

➤ Servo or cylinder technology on each operating unit provides maximum flexibility for various packaging requirements and quick changes.

➤ Robust design for easy operation of processing units.

➤ All parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel or are coated with a surface coating.

➤ Real products without human contact, improve production efficiency.

➤ Reduce the cost of employment, reduce the labor intensity of employees, and enhance the corporate image of users.

Adult diaper packing machine

            With the demand of many aging population for improvement of quality of life and the continuous improvement of purchasing power of their children, more and more families and professional nursing institutions begin to provide incontinence care for the elderly through adult incontinence products. Under the background of low penetration rate and rapid growth of purchasing power, adult incontinence products in China will usher in a blowout development.


            Packing Leader, with its powerful, easy to operate and highly stable diaper packaging equipment, strives to provide satisfactory solutions for diaper manufacturers of various categories and specifications. Let us work together to usher in the rise of the world adult diaper market!

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